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Publishers, Bloggers, Webmasters and Website Owners stop sending your web traffic to ad networks that don’t make you money. If you have hunting, fishing, camping, boat or other outdoor recreation web traffic, we want you to join the Hunt Fish Ads Network of publishers. Becoming a hunting fishing advertising network publisher is simple and it takes less than 5 minutes.

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Advertising Publisher Account Features & Benefits

Publisher Account Features

  • Easy to use web-based user-interface.
  • Ability to change account profile and password information.
  • Easy Payment Options – Payment via Paypal, Direct Deposit (ACH) or other.
  • *No Fees – Your money is your money.

Account Reporting Features

  • Revenue Summary Report by aggregate data and date range.
  • Revenue Summary Report by Publisher Channels and Date Range provides a more granular report as to the number of requests by the ad block, the number of ads shown, CTR by the ad block, CTR by ads shown, as well as earnings within the provided date range.
  • Transaction History Report to view earnings by day within the provided date range.
  • Sub-ID Reporting
  • Customizable Channel/Segment Reporting

Advertising Code Integration Features

  • Ad Code Wizard for easy generation of standardized ad blocks.
  • Simple copy and paste html code fragments.
  • JavaScript to IFRAME IAB ad rendering for reduce load times of subject page.
  • Automatic advertisement matching to page content via our Contextual Content Matching Engine.
  • XML feed for integration into cross-platform applications and web servers.
  • JSON feed for advanced integration.
  • Stored Ad Code model for easy access to created ad codes. This helps to increases workflow.

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