Choosing a Domain Name – The Basics Rules


So you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business or getting up a website for a club or other organization you’re involved in. How do you choose the right domain name?
Choosing the right domain name is not hard, nor is it rocket science. However, there are some basic rules of thumb you should follow to ensure your new project has the best chance at being successful. After all, it’s easy to be overwhelmed in the beginning stages or worse yet, make a mistake that could ultimately cripple your business due to lack of knowledge concerning domain name selection.


Below are some simple rules to follow for selecting the perfect domain name.


1. Focus on the facts! “You should always try to acquire the legal name of your business or a shortened easy to remember version of it. Other things to consider are – if your business is local to a certain area or has a specific product it sells, try to put the location or product into the name of your domain,” says Bobby D. Badboy, Owner of For example, if your company sells Digital Storage Services, a domain name like, which uses the keywords “Spark” and “Disk” is the best domain name to represent your business products or services, is a great fit, and easy to remember.


Remember – when possible use the actual name of your business and/or keywords related to your product or service.


2. Keep it together! Do not use dashes, alphabet soup (abbreviations), or numbers in your domain name. You’re better off to incorporate your tag line or motto in the name instead – if it’s memorable and short. Your domain name needs to be easy to remember and not hard to spell. You can be creative here with your name. However, remember the name needs to be easy to remember and captures your business products or services.


Remember – Keep it easy, short, and memorable.


3. Only the basics! Anyone who has already purchased or tried to purchase a domain name can tell you that you’ll be blasted with offers to purchase other TLD versions like .co, .info and .org. Owner of Kactus Technology  – Web Hosting Services, Bobby D. Badboy had this to say, “Most small-businesses have no need for the extra tld’s offered by many domain registrars. I would consider the investment of other domain extensions when copyright and trademark issues become more important for the business and business owners.”


Remember – Secure the .com. Grab the .net or possibly .org only if needed to protect your business domain name from lookalikes and copycats.


4. Keep things Updated! This happens all the time with domain names. You buy the domain pay the yearly fees. Then get caught up running the business and updating the website only to forget that the credit card you used to buy the domain name has expired. Now at the moment your domain registrar has no way to bill you for the renewal of the domain name. The domain expires. Now someone else grabs that domain for their site, project or whatever. This can be a very crippling blow to your business. Your business lives on the internet under that domain name and protecting it should be taken seriously. Here are some tips from the experts – when it’s possible register your domain name for multiple years 5-10 years, keep your domain name contact and payment details up-to-date to avoid any issues.


Keeping these basic rules in mind while selecting a domain name will give your business a better chance at internet success. There are far more details and other things you could consider. However, these basic rules are great starting points that will get you on the fast track for success.


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